Our Story

Back in early 2010 we realized that we had a spent a number of years doing what everyone else was doing when it came to buying locally….just talking about it. With 1 part courage and 2 parts insanity we decided to stop talking about buying local and become an active force in getting local foods to local consumer.

In 2010 we purchased our first refrigerated truck. Within a short period of time we had a few drivers picking up from Florida farms and delivering to a handful accounts. These accounts would quickly realize the benefits of having fresh Florida produce at their back door, in some cases, within 12 hours of harvest.

Today Localecopia Marketplace services hotels, restaurants, and schools. Always guided by the mission of Localecopia, Inc., our niche operation is a one-stop-shop for supplying Florida products to Florida consumers.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the mission…

What We Do

Localecopia Marketplace provides Florida-produced products to Florida consumers. We provide a direct, transparent link in the supply chain.

Why We Are Different

There are a number of great produce companies providing a full range of fresh produce from all over the world. Localecopia Marketplace is a niche provider of strictly Florida-grown produce. When the Florida growing season is done our trucks are off of the road.

Localecopia Marketplace provides the convenience to both producers and consumers by consolidating the ordering & delivery process. We are a true one-stop-shop for obtaining Florida-grown produce.

Our goal is to provide producers with a fair value for their products while trying to be competitively priced in the marketplace.

We are transparent

Mike Guenther

Director of Logisitics

Born and raised in Saline Michigan. My grandfather owned a 170 acre apple and peach orchard.
My first job was for $1 per hour bagging and selling apples on weekends for my grandparents. I think it was 1965, I was 9 or 10 went to school at Michigan Tech where I played football and the University of Michigan where I did not.
Math stats major. Numbers guy! worked as head of maintenance at public school district in Michigan eventually becoming Director of Buildings and Grounds. Took early retirement to work my passion, as a baseball umpire.
Traveled country. Led me to Florida in the winter where I met Localecopia. I Drove for them for one season and have been making it all happen the last four years.
I still umpire, but now there are two passions in my life.